How to study for exams at last moment ft. final grade calculator

Everyone wants to score good marks in exams and in the beginning, you always thought of preparing everything in advance so that you can achieve the highest marks in class but unfortunately, if you ended up getting distracted because of some reasons then you need not to worry because you are at right place to know “How to study at last minute and achieve decent marks”. 

  1. Focus on the important topics only- Cover only those topics which carry maximum marks in the paper or are very important from the view of examination. It will help you in achieving decent marks in the less time.
  2. Make charts of the formulas and paste it on your wall- It will help you in remembering formulas. Whenever you will put your eyes on the wall you will read the formulas. Formulas are the most important and the basic thing for solving questions in maths.
  3. Make a time table- It is the best way to keep yourself synchronized. It should cover the subjects and the topics also the date and time at which you will be completing that topic. It should also include your lunchtime, rest time and so on. With the help of this, you will not waste your thinking about the next topics you should do.
  4. Make notes of the important topic- It will help you in overviewing the topics at the last minute and it will improve your memory to recall the topics. It is a very effective method for the last minute study.
  5. Block out any distraction- Because you are studying at the last minute you have to block every distraction so that you can focus only on your studies. Only in break time you should use your phone or watch t.v, It will not only help you to get focused but also in remembering things.

Here is a bonus point for you all and this is the best method to achieve decent marks at the last minute

Using Final Grade Calculator– This is the best thing I have ever used, it helps you in knowing how much marks you should score in final to achieve your desired result.


That’s all about the How to study for exams at the last moment. We hope that you get each and every point of using this final grade calculator for saving your precious time. Keep visiting us to know more about the final grade calculator.

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